Sea Freight Services

MLD offers a complete range of sea freight services for all types of cargo and requirements: consolidated shipments LCL or full-container, FCL, full and partial charters, roll-on/ roll-off, and barge or conventional shipping. We work out the most suitable cargo system, route and carrier for every shipment, from start to end.
With an extensive experience in clearance procedures, planning & scheduling combined with our network of owned and agency offices and a selection of premium sea freight carriers, enables us to deliver to the complex needs of our customers efficiently and cost effectively.
Our team of professionally qualified industry experts will partner with you to understand your business need. Equipped with an intimate understanding of your supply chain requirements, we pull from a range of Sea Freight products and supplementary options to secure the space allocation, timing, frequency and rates that fit your precise objectives.
MLD can help you learn more about various shipping options that will meet your needs. Ocean freight services can often move large amounts of products over long distances.
MLD can also help your business adhere to international shipping regulations. By choosing MLD, we ensure your products will arrive safely and on time, you do not have to worry that you lack the right paperwork for your shipment.